Easter 2009

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Here’s a little update on Easter.

Our Easter started on Saturday night when we attended our church, Rancho Community. The house was packed – over 1,000 people showed up on a Saturday night! The service was truly amazing. Pastor Scott (@scotttreadway) introduced and officially launched the Temecula Murrieta Rescue Mission (@tmrescuemission). The whole focus of the night/message was that Christ didn’t just die to offer relationship with man, but to empower us to live out the new life – to reach out to the least, the last, and the lost – which is exactly what we are attempting to do through the work of the Mission. Found out today that over 6,300 adults attended Rancho this weekend – AWESOME!

One cool part of the night was when Riverside Country Supervisor, Jeff Stone announced to everyone’s surprise, that the county of Riverside was going to designate 2.5 million dollars toward the work of the Mission – pretty cool! After that, Jim Palmer from the Orange County Rescue Mission bestowed a huge sword upon Rancho Community for being warriors in a time when others are retreating. Pretty awesome (that’s what that picture is – from my cheesy Treo). My buddy, Tony actually got some videos from the evening here.

So the next morning we woke up and the kids had Easter baskets (for the first time ever). We didn’t do Easter Bunny (not that we have any issues with him or her), but we did hide some eggs, and the kids got a few little things – they were stoked!

After that, we headed over to our parents church, Sunrise, to partake in their pancake breakfast. It was really cool to see everyone from Sunrise – the church where I served as a Youth Pastor for about 7 years. Both mine and Jen’s parents go there, as well as my sister and her husband, plus a bunch of good friends.

After breakfast, we went home, cleaned up and headed over to Impact Church where my sister Emily, and her husband, Travis (@ttingley) lead worship – and my good friend, Jeff Paschall (@jeffpaschall) is the pastor, and another great friend, Vince (@locustfist) is on staff. We had a great time there – the worship rocked, and Jeff shared some great stuff. It was great to see a bunch of old friends there as well – and it was just great to go to church together!

After church, we headed over to see Jen’s Grandpa, who’s recovering from a little stint in the hospital. So we dropped by, said happy Easter, and hung out for a bit.

Then we had lunch at Mimi’s with my parents, my sisters and their husbands, Travis’ parents, and some friends of my parents. It was pretty crazy to say the least.

Then we headed over to Jen’s brother’s wife’s parent’s home (say that fast 3x’s). This is a little tradition now – they have a huge party, with child & adult Easter egg hunts. We had a blast, as did the kids. I think we finally got home at around 7pm that night. We got the kids bathed & in bed by 8pm, and then we crashed out at about 9pm.

It was a great day! How was your Easter?

Here’s all the pictures from Easter:

4 thoughts on “Easter 2009

  1. Kendra

    What a GREAT family picture! Sounds like such a fun Easter. My momma was out and (after a horendous 4 services with the preschool class at church) we kicked back and enjoyed brunch at the house. Family is such a blessing!

    Kendras last blog post..Santa Rosa Plateau

  2. Alex's Mom

    Nice to be able to enjoy your family on holidays for a change….thanks for coming!

  3. Sarah Fuentes-Caffrey

    That is a really great picture of your family! Adorable kiddos!

  4. Chris Stout (aka @sailingtwidget)

    Wow, when you were telling me about it on the phone it didn’t sound like it was that PACKED of a schedule. That’s cool man. Family is a huge part of life. I wish my family and Stephanie’s family was nearby so we could do the same. That’s so cool man.

    Chris Stout (aka @sailingtwidget)s last blog post..Remember Me

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