Ducks vs. Leafs

So last night me, Travis, and Beau (both bro-enlaws) took my dad to the Ducks vs. Leafs game in Anaheim for his belated birthday. It was insane – those crazy canucks! I played a little ice hockey when I was a kid, and my dad is a big fan being from Canada and all (born in Toronto). Here’s a little story by pictures of the night:

Nothing beats a salted pretzel with Jalapeno cheese in my book!

Travis agrees!

My dad’s stoked to be there… Beau, not so sure yet.

This was our view from the very top row. Sidenote, someone threw up behind our seats – the smell added to our hardcore hockey experience.

Like I said, those crazy cannucks!

We learned all about the NHL Puck Play Rule!

And the stadium formerly known as the “Pond”, the “Honda Center”.

So by the end of the night it was Ducks 5 / Leafs 0. What a great game, what a great time. My favorite part was the fights – everyone stands and starts screaming at the top of their lungs everytime the gloves come off – now THAT’S a true sport!

I found this today – THIS is what hockey is all aboot (watch it till at least 1:50, it’s worth it):

6 thoughts on “Ducks vs. Leafs

  1. Chris

    The irony about all the fighting stuff is that the NHL bigwigs are trying to get rid of it cause they think that doing that will make the game more palatable for Americans. Nevermind the fact that it’s exactly this kind of stuff that has made WWF and Nascar HUGE in the US. People in Canada are pretty fed up with Bettman changing the game because he thinks it will mean better TV ratings in the States.

  2. Mom

    So do I have the best kids in the world or what? Imagine the torture of watching a hockey game complete with blood on the ice, forcing down some nasty hot dogs and spending time with their old dad. You guys ROCK! And by the way, the photo of BEAU? He IS excited to be there….I can tell!

  3. Papa McLean

    Yeh Baby!! Hockey is my game alright. I like the bumper sticker that reads that looks like a Red Cross sign yet reads “GIVE BLOOD, PLAY HOCKEY”. It was a great game even though my Leafs Lost. It was good to get OOT for Hockey with the guys EH? Love, DAD

  4. lisi

    ha ha this is great ! My husband, Beau,yeah not too sure what he is thinking 🙂 I am still wondering soemtimes myself…

  5. beau

    First of all, the hot dogs were tremendous and not nasty in the least. I know that because of the protective foil encasing them like a comforting caccoon of goodness. Yes, I was excited. I don’t know what you all are talking about as that was clearly my excited face. Hockey is the best spectator sport.

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