Drum Enclosure: Part 1

Well, many of you know that we just moved into our new facility. What you might not know is that even though I spent a ton of time and energy in designing a good acoustical room, some things got changed and now we are left with a little sound issue. We didn’t have much to work with as far as budget goes and things started getting cut – one big cut was our ceiling insulation that would have really knocked a lot of our sound down (in a good way). And we have stained concrete floors because a buddy of mine in church, Jerry Bloom, did it all GRATIS! Thank you very much. Well concrete floors and tin roof, 30 feet up, make for a lot of sound bouncing around, and the worst offender is the snare drum and cymbals.

So we tried a shield, a modified shield, sound abatement panels, etc. – nothing. We are also in the process of hanging sound abatement panels throughout the room – that should help. Anyways… we decided to build a drum enclosure to solve the problem for now. Here’s what about 5 hours of work produced for me today.




Tomorrow she’ll get some insulation, more plywood, and a coat of paint. Then Friday our keyboard player, Chris Harris, who is also a finish carpenter will make it look like it was actually planned.

8 thoughts on “Drum Enclosure: Part 1

  1. Chris Stout

    Hey Man, looks interesting. S I take it you didn’t want to come pick up my Electric kit. 🙂 I thought that might be a hard sell.

    Looks interesting. I agree with Fred. Might want to put a huge fan in there.

  2. alex

    Fred – our drummers aren’t pansies who need AC

    Vince – you are correct, the only thing that makes me happy is that we will be able to hear what words the singers are singing

  3. WorshipCity

    HAHA! Fred is so great! We have one of these as well. Insulated top and back and fully enclosed with a door to get in but…no ventilation! Drummers are about to strike on me!

  4. Jen White

    Well, I know the band sounded great at practice on Thursday! Nice!

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  6. Conner Byrd

    HA! So we’re going down this path at my new church so imagine my surprise finding this when I googled Drum Enclosure and then found it was you and then found I had commented on it way back when! This isn’t Rancho though is it?
    Hilarious how things come full circle 🙂

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