10 thoughts on “Don't Ask…

  1. jamesmclean

    bleaching? i did that a few months ago. it was like different patches all throughout. it was fun but i got tired of styling and stuff. I just shaved my head a week or two ago. Feels great!

  2. Chris Stout

    Stephanie said, “I want to ask. What in the world are you doing???”

  3. Chris Stout

    Hey, that’s no fair! I’m not allowed to! I’m at a four and a half year dis-advantage of not being a “real-man.” Geez, why did I have to re-enlist! LOL

  4. Sheri (your hairstylist)

    Hey, great picture! But why didn’t you get one of the finished look with that beautiful shade of “hot pink”?

  5. Chris Stout

    Oh my! Hot pink? LOL, I can’t wait to see that! I should’ve come over to your house tonight! LOL

  6. Jen

    Oh Chris I didnt finish my statement REAL Men Color their hair and join the navy and drive really big trucks!!!

  7. Chris

    Now that’s what I’m talking about! Ha ha…

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