Dirty Laundry


This goes into the “brainstorm” category – something to keep developing. It’s more for me to not forget, but if anyone has any ideas, chime it!

Dirty Laundry – a teaching Series on Gossip, Secrets, Encouragement, Forgiveness, etc. The idea is that everyone has dirty laundry, some people are good at staying clean, never showing anything, others share their dirty laundry with everyone – out on a line in their front yard. But we all struggle with these things in our lives, and we are all in need of Grace, and we can all be open in honest about it – in ways that is not annoying or overly offensive.

This post brings up a good point to discuss. Where do ideas come from for teaching? I have friends who say that it must be inspired by scripture and that coming up with an idea and then going to scripture for support is wrong, and could be heretical. This is just the way my brain and heart works. I believe God puts things in there to cause me to go to his word and search and see if the idea works or not. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t.

What do you think?

One thought on “Dirty Laundry

  1. Stephen

    Hmmm, I like it. I think it’s original, but also a pretty essential conversation to have. I tend to be a fan of the “let’s get really real together” kind of series’. This would seem to be one of those!

    Good idea man!

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