Dear Young Worship Leader – Intro


In this series I’m sharing thoughts on what I believe I’d say to young worship leaders – what kinds of things I would pour into them. It stems from me thinking about how I’m going to mentor up and coming worship leaders in our church – so I’m kind of testing the waters with my thoughts.

I think to begin, it’s important to look for, and recognize young talent, passion & heart, when it comes to continuing to grow as a church in worship. I also think it’s important that young people know that there’s opportunity for them to use and develop those skills & passions. So before we create a list of things to tell young worship leaders, we need to have great opportunities for them to participate in worship leading. For many churches these opportunities are youth groups, small groups, worship events (concerts, etc.), and in some cases main worship services.

I think the question for church leaders (myself included) is “are you clearly communicating your desire to develop young worship leaders?”

Assuming we’ve got some good opportunities for young people to lead, and we’re building life-giving relationships with them (meaning you’re not simply taking from them, but you’re building into them), then we’re ready to talk about what kinds of advice, challenges, and encouragements we should be giving them – that’s what this series will cover, from my point of view.

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