Dear Nashville, Can't Wait to Meet You Again!

nashvilleProbably about 4-5 years ago Jen and I flew into Nashville to visit her dad who lives in Decatur, Alabama. We went to the Ryman and saw a bunch of country music, including Leanne Rymes, Vince Gill, Lori Morgan, etc. Not much of a country fan – except when it’s live, then I’m all about it, in fact I believe strongly that it is the best sounding music live, ever.

Anyway, we’re planning on taking our Road Trip across the USA in about 8 days, which will put us in Nashville on Monday, March 9. It’s the day before my birthday, so we’re thinking of celebrating that day/evening.

So what I was kind of hoping was to hook up with some of our blogging/church friends who are in the area. So it’s kind of an open invitation, plus we need some ideas on where to go, eat, hang out, etc. We’re obviously going to want to be downtown – we like those funky small places that locals know. We’d love to see some live music and just have a fun time meeting people and hanging out.

So, all you Nashville people – leave a comment, let’s get together, show some of that southern hospitality.

5 thoughts on “Dear Nashville, Can't Wait to Meet You Again!

  1. alex

    Jenni & Pete – we’re hoping to hook up. We’ll get in contact with you when we get closer – thanks! Anne – we’ll miss you and Chris, but we were stoked to meet you in Irvine! Take care.

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