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So, we’ve gone ‘old school’ over this past year and launched a ‘Deacon Team’ (note: not a Deacon Board). My role as executive pastor has blessed me with oversight of this team, and I’m NOT being sarcastic. Theses guys are amazing servants, faithful, and hard working. I’ve had two meetings so far, and we’re kind of building from the ground up in some areas – back to the basics. I wrote down some thoughts & sent them off to the team, and just thought that I’d share them here as well to see what you thought.

  • We are the servant leaders of the church, we do a lot of the ‘work’ of the ministry (Biblically from Acts)
  • We need to focus on building & leading teams of people, rather than just ‘getting things done’
  • We need a variety of gifts on each team. Visionaries, Administrative, Workers, Prayer Warriors, Shepherds, Encouragers, etc. (Keep your HEADS UP looking for these people!)
  • We need to serve out of the OVERFLOW of our heart, and our hearts need to be full of the JOY of the LORD – we need to spend time filling up ourselves, or being filled – however you do it.
  • We will be introducing the Deaconess Team in January

And our Deacon homework for this month:

  • Look at yourself and see what kind of leader YOU are (Know Thyself)
  • Make a list of the people YOU NEED on YOUR TEAM to take it to the next level (where are you NOT gifted?)
  • Begin visionizing about what your team needs to look like, what are missing? where are we not hitting it?
  • Begin visionizing what your area of ministry needs to look like – what needs to be dropped? what needs to be added?
  • Begin strategizing HOW you will build your team (regular meetings? relational time? scheduling? expectations?)

So those were my thoughts for our Deacon Team.

Does your church have Deacons & Deaconess’? How do you utilize that ‘office’ to do the heavy lifting in your churches?

5 thoughts on “Deacons | Servant Leaders

  1. Ben

    We have a Deacon Team and can say that there is absolutely NO way our church could thrive without them. They meet the needs of the widows, the hospitalized etc…going where the Pastoral team cannot. Such an important part of our local church.

  2. James McLean

    I really appreciate what you said about the different gifts and how you need each one, i also believe we need to help people celebrate and use these gifts. Often times we try to expect people to have our gifting when we really need to be helping them find theirs and then helping cultivate it.

    My church is Elder led (Titus 1:5-9) and it has worked well.
    I think its also important to remember that Pastors, Elders, Deacons, etc. job is not only to do the work of the church (although they will be living the Mission of Jesus just as much as a member) but to equip the saints(believers, members of the church) for ministry, according to Ephesians 4:11-12.
    Many church members can forget that we are all called to be the church. The leadership of the church is responsible to equip those people and ensure that they are discovering their gifts and using them to live out the Great Commission.

  3. inworship

    We do have a deacon team and it sounds very similar to what you guys have put together.

    The deacons in scripture are the workers. They are not decision makers, but definitely leaders and visionaries. I have seen many churches put them int he decision making category and i don't believe that scripture places them there.

  4. Jan Owen

    We do not. We have a management team and are staff led with lay leaders of our life groups that shepherd those groups.

  5. James McLean

    ok I should clarify, what i meant by the church leadership equipping ( and maybe this is limited more to elders and pastors) is that we should be sure that we are not creating a culture in which those coming into the church become consumers. We want to encourage those who become members to be active in living out the mission of Jesus. ok end soapbox.

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