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Friday we went to one of our favorite places in the world: the WAP (Wild Animal Park to all you laymen). Ever since we had Miles, we’ve had annual passes and we love going there because (a) it’s close (b) it’s inexpensive, and (c) it’s so much fun for this kids. Thanks to a generous gift from some friends, we were able to renew our passes yesterday and enjoy the beautiful southern California sunshine, along with the wild animals (which includes our two: Miles & Macy).

The foul area had a foul smell to it…

Macy didn’t care…

Mama giving daddy a little love – we used to date here often.

This is one of the coolest things at the park. It’s called “Don’t wake the Lions!”, kids love it!

My favorite new addition – Elevators. If you’ve ever walked down to “Heart of Africa” and then had to huff it back up again, just to this point is almost impossible – then there’s a whole ‘nother half our hike back to civilization. This makes it nice.

Miles wasn’t too happy about having to leave.

After a day in the sun, it was time for Date Night (yes!). This was the first real date night we’ve had in a few weeks. So, after trying to figure out what to do for a couple hours, we settled on a new Japanese place called “Sho-gun”. We have a favorite place to go in Temecula, called Fujiyama, but we thought we’d try this one on or size. The fact that our cook’s name was “Jose” should have clued us in a little, but we hung in there.

Now don’t get me wrong, Jose did an amazing job! But it just wasn’t as good as Fujiyama. So now we know. And by the way if you live in Temecula or the surrounding area, that’s our advice. Shogun is hot looking, but not as good as the funky hole in the wall Fujiyama. We did eat with a really cool family who had their family our from Naples, Florida (you can see the dad in the pic). They were really nice and it made for a great time.

After dinner we walked over to Berean’s (Christian Books). Now I don’t normally hang at the local Christian Book store, mainly because it’s so pricey, but… I found the discount section, plus I have “pastor’s card”. So we scored – we got all this for $18!

So now I have more reading to do (Life on Purpose for Mothers is for Jen, just in case you’re wondering).

What an awesome day/night! What was your date night like? (people tell me not to ask that question).

5 thoughts on “Day Off | Date Night

  1. Will Young

    The indisputable laws of teamwork is a great read man you’ll enjoy it.

    My last date night was a flop…word to all those bachelors out there attempting to court the apple of their eye: Ladies are not big fans of your local roadhouse where the beer, steaks and potatoes are great and you can throw your roasted peanut shells on the floor. Something about not being able to converse or something…who knew. 🙂

  2. Mahmo Schneider

    It looks like fun-the kids are so cute-missed them this week end-but Catalina a great place to work (except for D.A.Joe).
    Hi Miley, and Macy-Mahmo misses you and your Mama too.

  3. Alex's Mom

    Date night! What a concept! Actually Dad & I do that now with another couple every Friday night and we SO look forward to that after 30 years of kids, kids, kids! Don’t get me wrong – gotta love the kids but a little alone time is a good thing!

    Love the look on Miles face – never have to wonder what he’s thinking – love that about him – among many other thing! Kinda reminds me of someone else about that same age… and, yeah, Alex used to cry when we left stuff too – it’s OK!

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