Date Night

“I do my own stunts”… yeah. The night started off with a 2 hour search for babysitters for the kids – finally we settled on a babysitter for Macy and a night over at Lisi’s (his aunt). Started off great, Miles was over at Emily’s (his other aunt) swimming with Lisi and a bunch of other friends, while me and Jen were cozying up to a nice evening with George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Al Pacino and the rest of the gang. Just as the movie started we got the call: Miles had a “slip and fall” accident.

That’s when the date night got interesting. After a 20 minute whispering, text messaging conversation between me, Jen, Lisi & Emily – we decided to go get him and take him to the emergency room. A quick queezy look at the gash in his chin and we decided it was probably a stitcher. So, Romolo and Lindsey (friends) had a doctor friend who said he would look at Miles and let us know if he really needed stitches, at his home (this was about 9:30pm). So Jen and I and Miles, and Lisi, and Emily, and Travis, and Romolo, and Lindsey (sp?), all caravaned across town to the good doctor’s home. After a quick look he recommended a trip to the ER, called us in and we were off again (THANK YOU DR. P?).

Oh yeah so we had a babysitter at home watching Macy. So we called Karen (Jen’s mom) to come pick up the babysitter, take her home, come back and watch over the house while Macy slept. Oh yeah, then we had to call Cassie (our roommate), to see if she could stay with Macy while Karen took the babysitter home.

Then it was off to the ER. Jen hates the ER and I just hate hospitals period, so that’s good for us. Luckily because of the doctor’s call we were taken to another part of the ER (Jen said it was the “Grey’s Anatomy” wing, where the interns worked – whatever, at least people weren’t throwing up). The rest of the story is filled with me trying to keep Miles happy, Jen washing our hands every 10 minutes, crying, numbing, crying, consoling, papoosing, consoling, cleaning, crying, stitching, cleaning, and finally leaving. Miles was very brave. He now has 4 stitches in his chin and will get whatever he wants today.

Thanks everyone who helped & prayed. Someone owes us a date night.

17 thoughts on “Date Night

  1. jamesmclean

    Remind me again why I am still searching for a wife and one day a family?
    Ha ha, Miles is a tough kid.
    I was the accident kid in our family.

  2. Grandma McLean

    Uh, welcome to my world – multiply that times four! But, thanks. Alex for not publishing the bloody shots -neither you or I could have handled that. Give Miley a big hug for me!

  3. Mahmo Schneider

    Does this mean I can’t take him to Wilderness Ranch to climb the big rock?
    I’m a pretty good seamstress, so maybe I could practice up-just in case!!!
    Poor baby-bring him over so I can give him everything he wants.
    Love Mahmo

  4. Papa McLean

    Tell Miles Papa McLean is praying for him and is soory that he cut his chin

  5. The Hudson's

    We’ll babysit so you can have a re-do on your date night! With Chuck’s EMT skills they’ll be in good hands!

  6. The Broes

    Poor Miles! I’m sure it was almost as hard for you and Jen–parenting isn’t for wimps. Where did he get the idea that he can do his own stunts? The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, does it Alex?

  7. Mama

    I HATE HOSPITALS! I think I used a whole bottle of Purell. Miles was such a brave boy!

  8. alex

    Thanks for all the support! And no the apple doesn’t fall far, I don’t do deep cuts well, I’m sure he is going to get spoiled for this – and we’ll take you up on the babysitting soon!

  9. Chris Stout

    Sounds like you guys had a rough evening for what was supposed to be a mellow one! Miles is very tough and so are his parents…Plus chicks dig scars! LOL

  10. Uncle Kevin

    Now can I teach him the back flip on a motorcycle??? Perhaps a wheelie??? OK, How about a peel out??? Tell him that I said nice rash!

  11. Jen White

    Yikes! Miles! I’ll give you whatever you want, you just tell me what it is!You two are cool parents.

  12. Tasha Taylor

    Welcome to the family of boyraisers! HA! Nathan’s stitches happened at Thanksgiving at my brother in law’s house 15 minutes into the evening when they played ball in the house and Zach pushed Nathan out of the way to get the ball and Nathan landed on the sharp wall and baseboards…hence the -1 on his forehead…he was 14 months at the time…oorah for fun! Come to think of it…my brother in law still hasn’t reimbursed us for that….LOL! Take care Miles!

  13. emmy

    …he wasnt even goofing off, he was being so good, and calm…then he slipped, my heart dropped, he was so brave. i love that kid with all my heart.

  14. Dana Portis

    Miles and Andrew can compare scars! What would life be like for a little boy if he didn’t have some skidmarks! Hats off to mom and dad…Ice cream always helps! And…Macy slept through all the fun stuff. Love to you all.

  15. Lisi

    Aw…poor miley. All he wanted to do was come over to my house to spend the night 🙁 Dang stair came out of nowhere and down he went…

  16. Aunt Monica

    Glad Miles is ok! He really looks like Jen’s dad when he was that age in one of those pictures. Hope everyone is doing good, miss you guys.
    Love A. Monica

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