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  1. I luv the reverb.

    “…Christ in me….me…me”

  2. Holy Crap! It’s like watching my mom trying to dance sexy…for Jesus


    brent(inWorship)s last blog post..I Didn’t Get The Email

  3. “Holy Crap! It’s like watching my mom trying to dance sexy…for Jesus” I can’t stop laughing…

  4. Ummm… Can you say “Mark Peacock”? That guy dances like Mark Peacock! Totally!

    Oh yeah… and love the electric drum kit!

  5. wow, the baptists decide to become “relevant”.

    James McLeans last blog post..Honesty

  6. Couldn’t get past 21 seconds.

  7. Are you serious? At least the drummer was hitting the Crash on cue…

    Chris Stouts last blog post..Karl on Wordress!?!?

  8. heather

    Its my song!!!!
    It makes me think of that SNL skit with Will Ferrel playing Marty Culps music teacher!

  9. This hurts worse than the BandAid I had to rip off my hairy
    arm, make the bad people stop dancing and singing.

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