Daddy Dino Day


Today I got the privilege of  spending the day at school with Miles for “Daddy Dino Day”. This is the third year I’ve got to do this and I love it every time! Sonshine invites all the dads to come and spend the day with their kids and we do all kinds of fun things like watch a volcano blow up, dig for dinosaur bones, and eat lunch together. It’s days like these that making the sacrifice to send Miles to this school are very worth it, and that I love my job, where I can take time off to spend the day with my son! As for the photo – he ate 4 giant pieces of watermelon today – I LOVE this kid!

One thought on “Daddy Dino Day

  1. Will Young

    Watermelon!?! Dinosaur bones!?! Volcano’s!?!?! I’m envious…seriously.

    I got screamed at twice today, and scolded about quotas. :-/

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