Creative Chaos: Youth Sunday

Part 1: Graphics

Here is a graphic I created for our Youth Sunday, for teaching and announcements:

It’s not too amazing, but it looked better than nothing – gave it some personality.

Our Junior High Pastor did a little game using text messaging abbreviations, so I created another graphic:

This was better than just text on the screen. Obviously we showed one graphic without the answer, then jumped to the graphic with both the phone and the answer.

Here are the Photoshop files for both of these graphics – you can use ’em or change em or whatever you need if you so choose to use them.

Part 2: Rock Band

Yup, we copied Buckhead, we ain’t scared! We don’t have a state of the art multi-million dollar building/media/gizmo/wizard of Oz mojo going on here. In fact we basically spent no money on our media moving from a school to a building. We just re-used everything and reconfigured it all to work.

So here’s how we did it. (by the way, much thanks to Peter who was my right hand in this project)

  1. Stole a 32″ TV out of the Youth Room
  2. Stole an S-video cable from our roving camera (which goes from the camera at stage all the way back to an input in our tech room)
  3. Stole a DV recording deck out of the tech room which had the correct inputs and 2 S-video outputs
  4. Ran the component video into the DV deck from the Xbox 360
  5. Ran theS-video out of the DV deck into (a) the TV and (b) the cable that goes back to our tech room
  6. Ran the Audio components (now this get whack) into a dual RCA to stereo 1/4″
  7. Ran that 1/4″ into a XLR converter into our snake on stage (into a board channel)
  8. This all was now controlled by our tech / sound booth, the video on our former roving camera channel, and the audio on an aux channel – and to our surprise, it worked!

Here’s a little raw video (oh yeah, we had no singer..):

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6 thoughts on “Creative Chaos: Youth Sunday

  1. Will Young

    Being a bit of a “tech-aholic,” who enjoys finding new ways to do things, but has absolutely no use for them I am forced to admit that this post made me salivate…but only slightly.

  2. Tyler

    probably a decent idea to steal 🙂
    i dig the graphics. i wish i had the talent to put stuff like that together. nice job.

  3. alex

    Will – I am a reformed tech-a-holic.

    James – we need you!

    Tyler – nice blog, I love meeting new people!

    Pete – an honor to have you here… God seems to really be utilizing YOU GUYS out there – I love hearing about what’s going on in your church!

  4. Wins Lion

    Oh! Great job!
    Very interesting and useful post.
    I add your interesting blog in my iGoogle page!

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