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icon.pngI posted a while ago on a countdown maker program that was pretty cool, the only problem was that it was only for PC. Well Sam commented on that post to let me know that his company has just released a MAC countdown maker. He graciously offered me a copy to test out, which I totally appreciate (I told my wife, “see my blog got me some more free stuff!).

As far as the program goes, it’s pretty simple and easy to use. Just add your graphic or video, pick your countdown time, place it where you want it, pick the font, the size, add some effects and whammie! You’ve got your own custom countdown video. Export it out, add it to your favorite worship presentation software (mine happens to be ProPresenter*), and it’s ready to show on the big screen(s).

I think this is a great little tool, especially if you create your own content, or do a series where you have graphics but now countdown. You can easily use any graphic or video content to make it work. And by the way, countdowns make great pre-service elements – it just gets the people interested in what is coming after it hits 0:00.

So what are you waiting for? Get your own copy here.

*on a side note, I just found out this weekend (after using it for a year) that ProPresenter has a countdown function as well – although it is not nearly as functional as Countdown Maker.

3 thoughts on “Countdown Maker for Mac

  1. inWorship

    AWESOME! I’ve been wanting a Mac version of this. Looks like they dealt with some of the awkward defaults in the PC version as well.


  2. joe

    like ProPresenter’s better..

    HD capable, no resolution limit
    Countdown or Countdown to time–your choice
    Real Time (no export)
    use movies or stills as background (drag and drop)
    No Time Limit
    Use Live Video

    The only advantage I see to this is text placement is a bit easier.

  3. FOCUS*

    The only bummer about the maker is no audio options – I'll wait for version 2

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