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Thanks to Anthony Coppedge for turning me on to this: Midnight Oil’s Countdown Creator. I watched the video, if it works as well as shown, then this looks to be an amazing tool – I know we get sick of our countdown about every 4-5 weeks. Plus, I’d love to have our series graphics up for our countdown. Only bummer, it’s not available for mac… I think I’m gonna buy it this week and try it out – I’ll let you know how well it works (or doesn’t).

Question. Do you use a countdown?

Speaking of series graphics, I am not sure if I posted our current series or not. I created this on the fly, like the week before we started, so it’s not super creative, but it gets the job done.


9 thoughts on “Countdown Creator

  1. Worship City

    Dude you won’t believe this but I had my Youth Intern working on just this all last week and she got some crappy free one that ended up not working on Sunday so we couldn’t use it!

  2. Jeff T.

    I love countdowns but when it gets to zero, something better EXPLODE! Seriously – you’ve got the start with a bang, right when the clock hits zero, with a pounding, upbeat song. Nothing is lamer than the countdown hitting zero and the worship leader saying “Good morning! Welcome to church! 1,2,3,4…”

    I also think if you start every service with a countdown video and a fast song, you should sometimes take a break, skip the countdown and start more chilled. Otherwise you’re predictable, your congregation goes into “auto pilot” and you’re just as religious as the churches you consider to be “super religious”!

  3. Mike

    Hey Alex, did you ever find something like this for mac? We are totally mac based here and I’d love to do the same thing for our services. The stock countdowns we have now just aren’t cutting it.

    BTW, Jeff T… good thoughts.

  4. Sam McDonald

    Hey, my name is Sam McDonald. A friend and I have just released our first version of Countdown Maker. It is a program that creates video countdowns on the mac. We have a free demo up at I am one of two developers for this company, so if you have any questions or want a discount feel free to drop me an email.

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