9 thoughts on “Costco Trip: Caption Please

  1. Skip

    Ronald could have adopted a single child from the state, but instead he went to Costco and purchased a family in bulk.


    Family “a la carte”

  2. alex

    Skip, that made me laugh out loud!

    Will, you’re so right!

  3. stephen barry

    Buy two, get one free. Jim fancied a bargain. Plus he was wearing his fancy jean shorts, and felt like splurging.

  4. Travis

    Costco regular, Jim Jeanshorts, returns 3 of the 4 family members he bought last week. “I only needed them for the weekend, that is why I bought the expensive models, I knew I’d bring them back today.” When asked where the 4th was that he had purchased, he replied, “Well, I guess that is the reason Costco has the policy, they know people like me would likely be too lazy to pack everything up and bring it back.”

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