Don’t ask why “from” isn’t capitalized in the heading, it just looks right that way. This is restart number five or six on the blog, not sure why, but getting this blog started again is harder than firing up a 20 year old lawnmower…

And, yes this is yet another theme I’m trying out (if you’re reading this post sometime in late July). Gonna try and customize it a bit, but I’m looking for a real clean and simple theme – this may be it.

But I have been reading and visiting a few blogs & sites this week, so here’s some interesting links:

Designer. Communicator. Solutions Architect. Husband. Father of 4. Friend of God. I've dabbled in building, graphic design, worship, music, media, communications, connections, leadership, and now I'm an executive pastor at Rancho Community Church in Southern California.


  1. I like your old theme better… Just my opinion, which doesn’t mean much considering my themes are pretty generic. 😉

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