Confrontation & Hot Buttons


The last two days have been pretty heavy spiritually. First, yesterday I had to do the old confrontation with someone. I didn’t want to do it, my wife made me. She knows better, and I know better to listen to her, she’s usually right. So I wavered back and forth for about an hour, wrote down some thoughts and made the call. It went well, as well as it could have. At least some issues were brought out into the open and there was genuine love and respect, so that’s about as good of an outcome as you can imagine.

This morning I had someone push one of my “hot buttons”. I won’t get into details, but I was ready to lay this person out. I have quite a temper sometimes, and I could literally kill someone with words, it’s a terrible thing. I’d say I let off about .001% steam in my response – not very good, but what was going on in my mind was worse. Then my wife called and I let off about 2% more steam, now that was VERY bad – she didn’t deserve it or even realize what was going on. Lucky for me she is forgiving. I got home and explained everything to her and came to the conclusion that this was an area I need to grow in and I did ok, maybe a C-.

5 thoughts on “Confrontation & Hot Buttons

  1. Chris Stout

    We do know that you do need to listen to Jen. (That’s my disclaimer so that she doesn’t kick my butt. Wait, I’m deployed the next six months or so…hmmm).

    I’m glad you were able to nip everything in the bud with your confrontation. Usually if it’s approached with thought, and calmness, everything turns out very well. That’s a quality that most Military Leaders overlook. Most say that it is the Military, etc. Personally, I think there is no excuse, unless all other means have been exhausted. God knows I’ve been there, done that, been wrong, and moved on.

    Sorry your buttons got pushed. Once again, it’s one of those things where it has to be approached calmly (as much as one can), address it, and move on. If you really have to, go out side and scream and kick something. God also knows I’m WAY guilty of that. LOL, wait, so do you! I’m sure that door is fine…Anyway, key is, stay calm! Thankfully I have a forgiving and understanding wife as well. I think that’s why our wives get along so well!

  2. heather

    Alex!!! Thankyou for your wonderful honest heart! Listen to your wife………

  3. WorshipCity

    Man, I HATE those phone calls. Its hilarious though because what you described is what I did as well: procrastinated for about an hour, wrote down key thoughts and then called. Only, I got that person’s voicemail and had to do it all over again later that evening! I’ve found, for me, the anticipation of the call is far worse than the call itself!

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