Coffee Table 5, Macy 0

Sunday post-church is always an interesting time for me. On one hand I really want to enjoy the afternoon, hang out with friends & family, maybe even go out to lunch with a new family or something – rarely does any of that happen because I am usually wiped out or feeding kids & putting them down for naps.

This Sunday I actually had a plan for post-church. Miles & Macy were at their grandma’s and I was going to go home and try and clean up our house for Jen (it was a mess from Christmas & Christmas dinner, and the ensuing days of laziness).

So I am leaving church, actually about 2 minutes away when I get a phone call. (Actually I was on the phone with Peter)… it went something like this:

Me: Hello?

Grandma: Where are you?

Me: Driving home from church…

Grandma: Well, Macy just fell, and we think she’s gonna need stitches, what should I do?

(at this point I can barely make out spoken word over the screaming of multiple people, including my two kids in the background)

Me: Well, I guess you should bring her to A+ Urgent Care right here, I’m about 2 minutes away. I’ll u-turn and go make sure they do stitches…

Grandma: OK, we’ll call when we’re on the way.

Me: Alright, is she OK?

Grandma: Yeah, I think Miles is crying worse than her, he’s saying, “It’s all my fault, it’s all my fault”…

Me: OK, well I’m on my way – see you there, and oh yeah… don’t tell Jen!

(she was at work)

Thus began our afternoon emergency adventure. Here’s a blow by blow (pun intended).

The first picture taken immediately after it happened (cleaned up of course).

Macy asleep when she arrived at A+.

Me comforting my little angel before ‘surgery’

No comment…


The stitching…

And the finished product! She was such a brave girl!

Thanks for the prayers & kind words for everyone who was following along with Twitter. Thanks too to the great people at our local A+ Urgent Care (on Winchester & Technology). In case you want to see more pics of her ordeal, there’s a few more here. She’s great +5 stitches, mom’s great (we waited till she was home from work to tell, er, uh, show her), and dad didn’t pass out, so I think all in all we’re good! In fact, as soon as we got back to Grandmas, Macy decided to jump on her quad…

That’s our girl!

9 thoughts on “Coffee Table 5, Macy 0

  1. dan scott

    DUDE! My 2 year old got stitches yesterday! SUCKS!! Hers were on the top of her lip… tripped and fell on the heal of her sister’s plastic dress-up Cinderella shoes.

    Isn’t it amazing how resilient God created toddlers?! So glad everything is OK.

  2. Conner

    WOW! Man, glad everything’s OK. Glad we don’t have a coffee table! Ha. I’m so glad it turned out well. The quad seems like the perfect remedy 🙂
    …maybe she should wear the quad’s helmet around the table?

    This is a great glimpse into the future with my kiddos. Chloe is already so dang clumsy and I know once Gavin gets a bit older they’re going to get into all kinds of trouble together!

  3. James McLean

    that’s usually what i tend to do after i damage my face, jump on a safe all terrain vehicle. 🙂

    glad she is all good, they are tough kids.

  4. Papa McLean

    All I could think of is Emily when she got her stitches. You feel so bad cuz there’s nothing you can do. I’m thinking about getting her a bubble. Tell her if she is going to fall to fall on any other part of her body except her face otherwise she may as well sign up for UFC. Tell her Papa’s praying for her.

  5. Mamo Schneider

    I think the helmet inside the house is a great idea!!! NO MORE 10 LITTLE MONKIES!!!! Whatever that is-I seem to remember that little jingle, just before the BONK and SCREAM!!!!
    Our family pulled together-PAPA Rick soothing Miles-Uncle Kevin driving, Mamo in the back seat with Macy-100 mile an our to urgent care (well it seemed like 100) Alex waiting at the front door-and Jennifer at work, without a clue!! She came home from working to great Macy with a train track on her face!! CHOO CHOO!!
    Macy is a trooper, and Miles told Macy just before leaving not to cry, cause he got three sticthes on his chin, and it didn’t even hurt!!
    He loves his little sister-me too.

  6. Aunt Izzy (lisi)

    She looks like she wasn’t even flinching when they stitched her up! She gets that from me I am pretty sure 😉 Love my niece

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