Church, the Superbowl, Xenia & David Gilmore

Mark Gungor at Rancho Community Temecula

Today I read Karl’s blog and remembered when he used to not blog. And I used to bug everybody (and I mean everybody) about blogging. Oh how the tables have turned. I feel like I need to stand up and say, “My name is Alex and I haven’t blogged in a month”.

I used to do mind-dumps when I didn’t have something really well thought out. So, inspired by Karl, here we go.

  • I got to hang out @ranchocommunity all weekend, I did the updates and introduced Mark Gungor a couple times, which was cool.
  • The Superbowl was kind of a let down. I went from rooting for the Giants (because I’ve always disliked the Patriots), to pulling for the Patriots because Miles was so into them. He knows the team, runs around talking about Welker, Gronk, Hernandez, Woodhead, Green-Ellis, etc.
  • Learned about the sad but inspiring story of former Saint’s safety, Steve Gleason.
  • I thought the story about Vince Wilfork was excellent too.
  • Learned more about Matt Barkley – I already was a fan because of the fact that he didn’t go pro, and how he did it:
    “Barkley, 21, informed Kiffin and the rest of the coaching staff at his Newport Beach home on Wednesday evening about his decision. He presented Kiffin with an ornament that said, “One More Year.” Kiffin said at the conclusion of USC’s season last month that the only way Barkley would return to school would be if he decided to be a “special Trojan” and put the university’s interests ahead of his own. That’s what he did Thursday, Kiffin said.” (maybe I’ll become a USC fan?)
  • Kind of cool to watch Xenia, Jeff, Karl, Brian, Kevin & others from our town on NBC filmed at Rancho.
  • As for the commercials… this was my only favorite.
  • I desperately need a haircut.
  • We’re a couple weeks away from becoming a family of six! I never dreamed that would happen and am so thankful for our family – and my wife is A-MA-ZING!
And finally, courtesy of Karl’s inspiration, enjoy some David Gilmore:

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