Church Resources

Alex-Church-Resources1Getting back into the blogging world, or maybe I should just say writing/resourcing world… Anyway, for those interested, I’m going to attempt to boil down some of what I’m reading and finding to one post a week of “Church Resources”. These are articles, tools, ideas, hacks and other stuff that you might find useful if you’re involved in the Church – as a staffer or volunteer, or just in the family and interested in how things work and/or culture. So here goes:

  1. Relevant Magazine’s 5 Things Christians Should Stop Saying – super quick read that could help tweak your culture to be a little more authentic.
  2. Do you listen to Podcasts? You really should – at least once a week. I’ve found they pull me out of the world I’m in and shed light on new/fresh ideas and perspectives. It really is a way to keep learning, which should be a life-long goal. My favorite go-to podcast is Andy Stanley’s Leadership Podcast. It’s seriously 20 minutes a month of an investment that you’ll get addicted to. Go subscribe and listen today.
  3. Ted Talks – I’m so surprised that so many are not aware of this amazing resource. You could spend days, weeks, months watching or listening to these powerful presentations. These are not (necessarily) pastors or church leaders. These are anyone from CEO’s of major corporations, to school teachers, to engineers, to social workers, etc. Why is this a “Church Resource”? Well, for me, it really gets my mind and heart in the stream of what is important to the world – what are they talking about? How do they feel about things? I should be interested in those things and be able to join in that conversation – and I might learn something new in the process…

That’s all for this week. Hope to see you again next week!

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