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Alex-Church-Resources1Church Resources for this week: for some reason I was doing a lot of reading on “the workplace” this week. Below are three of my favorite articles that deal with work. First culture  – how you are creating either a positive or negative culture. And second, two articles on staffing. I believe that we (churches) can learn a lot from business and vice-versa. You can find a lot of biblical principals in these types of articles. Our organizations should be smart, honest and well run, while creating positive, life giving cultures that encourage the best “work”.

#1 Why You Hate Work

If your employees feel more energized, valued, focused and purposeful, do they perform better? Not surprisingly, the answer is almost always “Yes.” Next we ask, “So how much do you invest in meeting those needs?” An uncomfortable silence typically ensues.

I really like this article – however the title is a little of a turn off. If you are a leader in your church or organization and you don’t take some time to think about the health of those who work or serve with you, you should. I think this article points out some really great areas that you can spend some focus time on.

#2 How and When to Hire Staff for Your Church Plant

So that’s kind of the litmus test of bringing someone onto the team. It’s a simple principle I learned from Chris Hodges. He said, “Don’t ever hire promises.”People are great at painting a picture of what they COULD do if you would just hire them. But the truth is, most people, if they’re willing to make the sacrifices FOR A SEASON, can produce those promises within your church without being on full-time paid staff.”

I think this article should just be titled, “Read Before You Hire” because it’s packed full of little nuggets of wisdom on hiring, leadership, what leaders are looking for, how to get a job in a church, and more. Of course no method is perfect, but this is some great insight. Read the whole article here.

#3 Hire Slow, Fire Fast

To “hire slow, fire fast,” start by being absurdly selective in who you hire. Mark Adams, the Managing Director at Vitsoe, the worldwide licensee of Dieter Ram’s furniture collection, approaches hiring with incredible selectivity. What he wants to discover is who is a natural fit. In addition to multiple interviews, he and his team have prospective employees come and work with them for a day. No commitment has been made on either side; it’s just a chance for each side to see each other as naturally as possible.

This is one of those leadership concepts that just makes total sense, yet is so hard to live into. We all have stories of how our heads knew what to do, but our hearts just couldn’t. Or tradition or bureaucracy got in the way of progress when staffing was concerned. This article lays out some very simple ideas for smart, patient hiring, and quick, humane and decisive firing. If you’re a leader of a church or organization – this is a great read.  Check out the article here.