Church Planting Forum: Jim Griffith

This afternoon was another great time at South West Church Planting. In case you don’t know what that is – basically a bunch of local (Southern California) church planters get together, get fed, get to worship, get taught, and get a ton of time to network and share.

I love these monthly gatherings. Oh yeah, we also get free books & the wives get cool gifts every time too. Here’s the book we got today:

Today my buddy Eric led some good time of worship. Then we had Jim Griffith who wrote “The 10 Most Common Mistakes New Starts Make“, come and drop some serious wisdom on us. Here’s some of my random note taking – there’s some good stuff in here for church planters & church staffers.

We get so excited about the great commission that we forget the great commandment

Failure: a church planter trying to love God instead of a lover of God trying to plant a church

Failure: failure to take spiritual warfare seriously. Where are your intercessory prayer partners?
people outside of your circle.

In 1958 having a church in a community was an asset. in 50 yrs the church has become a liability.

Your mission field should always dictate your methodology

As soon as u start looking legit, ‘the church people’ show up. Matt 11:9

If you want to get to know ur mission field do a police ride around, rotary, fire dpt, funeral homes

Many will embrace christ community before they embrace christ

Failure: fear of talking about $ until its too late.

Never be afraid to talk about money. You need to walk people through the whole money issue – teach, disciple, help them

Failure: Churches fail to act their age/size
take it easy…

Failure: Blindly taking the advice of experts

You can’t plant a church on a borrowed vision

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