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Access Elevation had a interesting post on their ‘office journey’ as a church plant, saying:

one of my strongest recommendations I can give is to get some offices ASAP

…spend some time finding a place for all the boxes you want to hire and fill to actually work.

I’ve been in church planting for about 12 years now in 2 churches. Neither had offices, until now. We’ve been in our offices for about 3 months now and it’s been quite a change of lifestyle. For example:

  • My wife & kids are used to their dad being around, even though I did a lot of running around and meeting
  • I spent a lot more time out in the community meeting with people, doing lunches, etc.
  • I don’t feel like I get as much ‘work’ done at the office, but I do spend a considerable amount of valuable time with our staff now (maybe that’s my new ‘work’)
  • I get pulled in multiple directions when I am at the office
  • I feel like I’m always cleaning my desk/office!
  • If I can get some marked out ‘alone’ time at the office I can get an amazing amount accomplished

Those are just a couple things that have been awkward in the transition. But what I really want to know, is do you agree with the Elevation guys? I mean their church is kickin’ butt all over NC! How do you feel about offices & office hours? How does this play out in your church?

Your thoughts?

5 thoughts on “Church Offices

  1. bobby

    I agree with em. We had offices at Revolution, and the truth is I would get more done there than when I stayed home. Maybe that’s just me.

    But it also created a synergy among the staff that couldn’t have been there without being in the trenches right next to each other every day. What got really crazy was when there were four of us sharing half of a single wide trailer. Thanks goodness we finally got a real office with some space!

  2. eric

    I was against them until my wife went back to work and took the kids with her. I don’t like being home alone… I need more social interaction.

    I agree… I think they create more synergy with your staff. I feel like I never see my Pastor.

  3. John

    I wrote a post about this in January in response to one of your posts. I would amend it to add that office hours would be appropriate for each pastor, think college professor office hours. I get lots done at home and have never done well in offices, I have worked in a lot of them.

  4. alex

    John, I remember that post, really good stuff.

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