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Travis sent me over a huge zip file of a bunch of photos of church environments – stages, lights, sets, gathering areas, kids rooms, signs, etc. Since we can’t always get outside the walls of our churches I thought I’d share these as inspiration, learning tools, and discussion starters. I’m really visual and I love good design, and always take notice of bad design. I love see what churches all over the place are doing and then take those ideas that might work for us and implement them.

Here’s our first set of photos from C3 Church in NC:







First off, I love screens as backdrops – so versatile and good for defining people on stage. Hate stretchy spandex shapes, but the stage does look nice and contemporary. I love kids themes, bright colors, screens for the kids rooms – I think kids rooms should get a lot more attention than they normally get.

What do you think? 

3 thoughts on “Church Environments 1

  1. James McLean

    ha ha C3 church! I have a bunch of friends that work there. The ministry team that i used to sing on sang there a bunch. The Pastor Matt is a great guy, I actually just talked to him last night at an Ed Stetzer event.

  2. eric

    That kind of looks like your setup… without the spandex of course… 😉

    I can’t wait to see the next set of photos. Anyway you could send me the same zip file?

  3. Mike

    Send me that zip file too, I need some more stage ideas for the next three months

    I like the spandex stuff. easy to work with.

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