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I got an email from this guy today. No offense, but I usually don’t get emails from guys like that.

He’s Alistiar Brown and he’s the president of Northern Seminary. I’m not sure why, but I read through it and caught this little nugget that grabbed me – thought I’d share:

We use vocabulary of community, of the body of Christ. Yet 21st century Christians often treat the church as a resource supermarket to meet individual needs. Leadership styles can be more suited to business than Christian family. The Call to an Ancient Evangelical Future challenges this, and to re-experience what real unity can mean for the church and its mission.

What I’m saying is: if we don’t get church right we’ve lost something foundational, and nothing good is built on a bad foundation.

That’s a powerful statement. Is your church, is my church a true community? Is it more like a family or a supermarket? And I think that will answer the question as to what kind of leader you have. A shepherd or a pioneer. A farmer or a miner. Is there an in-between, should there be?

A classic argument: is the church there to prepare the saints for the work of the Gospel (discipleship)? or to reach the unchurched with the message of the Gospel (outreach)? My answer: Yes. More on this later…

And as a side note, I went to the Northern Seminary site, and the Call to an Ancient… site. And there’s some interesting stuff there on how the modern church has left and forgotten the ancient church (including Catholicism). And how valuable ancient methods and ideology might be to our modern churches.

Just another thing to throw into the mix.

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  1. James McLean

    oooooh i love this. we would be wise to listen to these guys as there is a lot of truth to looking back on how the Acts church did things. If you ever get to check any of the Ancient-Future books out by Robert Webber you should! Here is a link to his Ancient-Future Worship book
    Also Alan Hirsch has a good book called The Forgotten Ways that is a good resource
    We have to get a grip on this problem, i meet friends all the time who gripe about the style of music or the pastor’s sermon or the building or whatever you can think of. Since when did church become Burger King? “Have it your way right away?”
    We have to stop trying to do what everyone likes and instead teach people that once you are saved its not about you anymore and then start listening to God and how he wants his church to be run.
    *i don’t have any strong opinions about this subject though* 🙂

    James McLeans last blog post..Honesty

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