Church: A Dangerous Business


This happened today in Neosho, Missouri:

Three people were killed, and several others were wounded after a person entered a church service at the First Congregational Church of Neosho and opened fire Sunday afternoon.

Dave McCracken, Neosho police chief, said the number of confirmed wounded persons is four to five, but several others who were injured fled the scene during the incident. It has been confirmed that one of the dead is Kernal Rehobson, a leader of this group of worshippers.

Seems like something like this happens every year in America (of course this is nothing compared to the persecuted church). What safegaurds has your church put in place to protect staff and worshippers? I remember a trip to Fellowship and seeing Ed Young’s henchmen who were packing, but that’s in Texas

2 thoughts on “Church: A Dangerous Business

  1. Matthew

    We’re a church plant, so right now we don’t do anything more than have an off-duty police officer in our lobby. At the church I came from in Arkansas, we had several ushers who were packing, they locked all but the front doors of the church 5 minutes after the service started, and we had ushers who acted as security and walked the perimeter of the building during services.

    The location of our old church seemed to draw in the crazies. One guy with a rebel flag as a cape and a sawed off shotgun underneath, one packing drug dealer who was running from the cops and slipped in the back door and backstage, one escaped con who was on our parking lot, and one guy just trying to outrun the cops who came on the campus.

    Nothing near as exciting with the church plant, yet…

  2. Leslie Brooke

    I’m not sure why, cause our town is fairly quiet, but our church staff has deemed necessary to have a US Marshall at every service…sorta like on an airplane. Better safe than sorry I guess!

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