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I couldn’t figure out how to make comments available on a page, so I created this post for comment! If you read the newsletter then please leave us a comment! All you need to do is punch in your name and email address, and then your thoughts! We totally appreciate it and hope you have a Merry Christmas!

3 thoughts on “Christmas Newsletter Comments

  1. Erin

    Wow! What an amazing year for you guys! Blessings for sure, huh. Love the’s so fun to keep up on you guys.. Hawaii..I say “wow” too.. looks like we’re going to get to go this next year. Never would I have dreamed, but Aaron’s Bro is getting married out there is August, so we’re going to try and pull it off. Love the dog name “Java”. Only because we just finally got our first pup a few weeks ago and we’re trying to come up with some clever names. She’s a 12 week old boxer pup… named her “Lola”. Take care.. maybe will all get to hang soon.

  2. Auntie Em

    Great newsletter! I am so glad you guys live close, and My niece and nephew are only a short drive away! I appreciate you guys! Love to you this year! 🙂


    Jennifer, Alex, Miles & Macy: You guys have had yet another incredible year! You guys are so lucky to have each other! A true family! Im glad that your grandpa Legere got to come out and see you in November while he was in town. As much as we all mean to one other, we never seem to communicate or get together and we live a less than 45 minutes from each other… Sometimes I feel like my brothers side of the family is fading away…at any rate. I have been super busy at Northrop and still a pet nutritionist every weekend and of course the travel agency which is non-stop. I do find time on Sundays to go to New Venture church and I love it! I would like to visit your new church sometime. Oh, I had a water leak in my kitchen when I was in Hawaii for work and had to have all the walls and cabinets torn out and they just got finished after 3 months this past weekend! Being forced to eat out every meal for 3 months stinks!! Well kids, don’t be strangers, would love to re-connect with you guys and Kevin and Melissa too!! Have a blessed Christmas and a safe New Years!
    Love Aunt Monica

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