Christmas Music (part 4)


We’ve covered a few different genres of music with the last posts here with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, here with the Muppets, and here with Brian Setzer. But what Christmas is complete without the angelic voice of Aaron Neville? I don’t really know where I got this album, but somehow I got it and it has now become a staple part of our Christmas music collection. If you’ve never heard Aaron Neville before, just think falsetto & vibrato mixed together with some sweet earrings and weight room physic! It’s awesome – and I really do like his voice. Here’s a little sample:

And with Linda Ronstadt* (note: sweet bow in the hair) – Slient Night…


*some Linda Ronstadt trivia:

Merry Christmas!

One thought on “Christmas Music (part 4)

  1. Malcolm Doscher

    It’s grand that google voice is at last out of beta and anyone can just sign on for it even if they didn’t have an invitation now. I am already fiddling around with its distinct features and seeing what I am able to do with it. Thanks google!

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