Christmas Music (part 2)

I’ve got a Christmas CD that has like 100+ mp3’s on it. We turn it on and let ‘er rip – it’s a blast (I’m not cool enough to have a kickin’ system hooked up to my iTunes). Anyway, one of the albums on that CD is “A Christmas Together” by the Muppets & John Denver (rip), which was the soundtrack from the TV special of the same name that ran in December of 1979.

Now, I’m not sure if I saw the original airing of this show – I was into the muppets as a kid. But I do have a very strong memory of watching this show at least a few times. And then my parents at some point bought the LP (that’s right folks, the big 12 black discs). We would break it out every Christmas and play it while decorating. So we’ve simply continued the tradition. Here’s a little example of this fine music: Silent Night, with John Denver giving a little history of the song…

So, any Muppet fans out there? How about John Denver? (I’ve got another story that I’ll share one day. It’s got John Denver, 8 Tracks, and a VW Bus in it…)

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  1. alex

    I can’t believe the muppets didn’t get more comments – what’s wrong with the world today…?

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