Catalina Island & 4th of July

aphoto_070707_013.jpgEvery year for the past few years our family has spent the 4th of July week over on Catalina – it’s one of my favorite places in the world. I love islands, I’ve visited a few: Catalina, Jamaica, Maui, and England. Jen has been to a couple Fijian islands as well. Anyway, we love Catalina, we have some family friends there & it is just nice to get away from the SoCal rat race every once in a while. So here is a pictoral wrap up of our time out there.

Some of you may understand what it’s like traveling with small kids (we have 2). Jen always does a great job packing, which is awesome because if I packed we’d all have one set of clothes and no diapers or food! So Jen packed all our clothes, diapers, juicy cups, baby gate, stroller, water toys, towels, toiletries, blankets, umbrella, snacks, drinks, and the all-important pack and play. All this fit into 2 suitcases and a large orange beach bag. Still it was a struggle getting all this onto the boat, then back off, and then about 500 stairs up to our rooms.

photo_070707_009.jpg photo_070707_010.jpg


Yup, lot’s of stairs. Needless to say we were all pretty wiped out by the time we finally got to the top and found our rooms. Our condo was pretty cool, a couple bedrooms with balconies and a large downstairs where the kids and adults could have some “swinging room”.

Once we got unpacked and settled, it was time to really start vacation. I can’t quite remember exactly the order of things, but I do remember one thing and that is the Catalina Calzone at our favorite restaurant: Antonios. Here’s a fine example of the tasty treat (I had a grand total of 3 over the course of 6 days). photo_070607_002.jpg

We spent a couple days just hanging out at Descanso Beach, no bands this year, unfortunately, and no Moonlight BBQ -which is normally a family tradition of grilling up steaks, baked potatoes, corn on the cob and a great red wine. Oh well, there’s always next year. The kids had fun playing with the rocks and sand on the beach, neither one spent much time in the water, and of course they drove their mom nuts. Macy made some new friends, her brother tried to butt-in, but Macy’s girlfriends wanted nothing to do with him. p1010254-wince.JPG

On the Fourth we once again ate at Antonios, and I partook in another Calzone. Catalina puts on a crazy parade with golf carts and USC comes over and plays – it’s so much fun. Miles and I went up on the roof of Antonios to get a better view:

miles catalina

Someday I’ll finish the post… But I thought I should at least get this up for now. We had a BLAST and always look forward to going back to Catalina! Thanks Rick, Karen, Kevin, Melissa, Bennie, Maria, Lauren, Chrissy, and Lauren, for a great week!