Today started with a family trip to McDonanld’s for breakfast. Then we headed over to Joan’s to get some paint. Then back home where we built 2 cars for the kiddos because tonight they had movie night at church. The movie was “Cars”, so all the kids made cardboard box cars – the best ones won prizes, which we are proud to say Miles won for his car. It was a really cool night for the kids. Miles invited a friend of his from school. Macy made it almost half way through before becoming completed uninterested in the movie. Check out the video here.

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  1. Mahmo Schneider

    Very Cute-wish I’d gone to see-good job on the cars! (Alex)

  2. jen

    Whatever I helped!!!!

  3. lisi

    ha ha so cute !!! Reminds me when you and James had to make those little derby cars for Awana or boys scouts or soemthing and dad helped you design and paint them. Ah the good ol days

  4. Jen White

    Cool Cars Macy and Miles! My family missed a great night!

  5. Looks like they had a blast! Thanks for the invite… :P)) 😉

  6. Howdy just thought that I let you know that I am discovering trouble reading this blog via my iphone so you might want to check on that. thanks!

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