Can I be real? (Worship Confessional 13)

dbIf you are keeping track, you’ll notice that there was no confessional this week. Two reasons for that; 1. Jen and I booked it out of Temecula to Phoenix, AZ for a little R&R for our seven year anniversary (yes it was amazing and needed). Reason number 2. I was just in such a foul mood when I got back to work, I just didn’t want to do one. Why? you may ask… Well, here’s where I’m wondering just how real I should be on my blog.

Here’s the deal. I got an email the last morning of our little trip (I know, I know, I shouldn’t have even checked it – but we were just driving home, what could possibly be wrong?). This email contained the minutes from our weekly staff meeting – now that’s where I REALLY should have stopped! But no, I just kept on reading. So what was on the agenda for that day? The one week that I missed our staff meeting? Oh nothing much except this:

  • a lengthy discussion on our new corporate identity culminating in a vote to redesign it
  • a discussion on our method of publicity & communication including in service announcements
  • a discussion on worship music and why we aren’t using all of our vocalists (and I think there was some discussion regarding my inabilities as a great singer – but that’s undocumented)
  • a discussion on some tech issues we’ve been having with our lighting

So why would those issues put me in a foul mood, foul enough to not even want to do a video confessional? Only this: on the one week that I miss a staff meeting (which RARELY happens) every single area of my oversight and responsibility is openly rummaged through by the entire staff, and I had no opportunity to defend, comment, share vision, do damage control – nothing. I was sitting by a pool in 112 degrees of Phoenix sun, while [deleted content] decided on how we should design our logo. It’s like the feeling you get when you come home to find you’ve been robbed and they just threw all your stuff around the house and now you’ve got a huge mess to clean up. Do I sound bitter or what?

Anyway, I’m over it. I vented a little with my wife (poor girl), and was in a foul mood for a couple hours. Then I realized – whatever. I’m just doing my job, and trying my best. I’ve got to stay humble, got to stay teachable, got to stay loyal; I’m serving Jesus Christ and his call on my life. And he probably allowed that to happen just to teach me to not be such a hot head.

Oh yeah, and I am preaching this weekend… Back to the drawing board.

9 thoughts on “Can I be real? (Worship Confessional 13)

  1. Chris

    Yeah.. Wow.

    I would expect (and hope!) that someone in leadership at our church would derail a conversation like that should it ever happen when I’m away.

  2. Fred

    so … hoping you’ve had this conversation w/ your staff before posting this blog? (grin)

  3. Ben

    Ouch. Ditto to what Fred said…with a double grin.

    Sorry dude…that’s rough. Hope the R&R was worth it.

  4. alex

    I hope you all are laughing at this with me… Don’t take it too seriously.

  5. Andy

    [/start sarcasm/]That is some amazing leadership planning …..[/end sarcasm/]

    I think the Scotch in me would want to tell someone that this event was a large horned farm animal’s excrement…..

    I give you props for your cool head.

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