California is on Fire!


LOS ANGELES, California, October 22, 2007 (ENS) – More than eleven major wildfires are blazing from Los Angeles to San Diego, claiming one life and prompting California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to proclaim a state of emergency in seven counties.

Fanned by fierce Santa Ana winds, the fires have burned a number of homes, businesses and other structures. Residents have been evacuated in dangerous areas.

Throughout the region, more than 30,000 acres have already burned, and more areas are threatened.

The wildfires are being driven by dry conditions and winds gusting up to 60 miles per hour, making it impossible to fight the fires with helicopters, and fire officials expect these conditions to continue for several days.

We live in Temecula, seems like we’re in the eye of the hurricane. Do you live near the fires? Are you having flashbacks of a couple years ago?

11 thoughts on “California is on Fire!

  1. James McLean

    i love how its always the Santa Ana winds fault. i’m no climatologist (spelling?) but i’m pretty sure they have probably been blowing for centuries. what exactly starts these fires? could it be irresponsible people who flick cigs out their cars? is there research on this stuff? do we ever hear about how they start?

  2. vince

    the santa ana wind in combination with the nice swell we’re having, makes for some good surf.

  3. Chris Stout


    My co-workers house in Rancho Bernardo apparently burned down this morning. 🙁 He and his wife are going thru a divorce and he moved out about two months ago. His wife and daughter are fine. The only thing, he lives in San Marcos, close to being evacuated as well.

    Took two ad a half hours to get home since I-15 was closed at Fallbrook. Took the Ortega Highway into Lake Elsinore and came down that way. Wow…

  4. alex mclean

    yeah sorry for the old image, but It’s from the 2003 fires and I thought it was ironic.

  5. Karl

    My aunt, uncle, and grandma live in San Marcos. They just got out and are staying at my parents’ house. One of my closest friends evacuated Rancho Bernardo when the flames were 2 miles from his house. He’s with relatives in Chula Vista, which is now getting evacuated. Crazy stuff.

  6. Chris

    I went to see Tower Of Power last night (incredible show!) and the lead horn player had his apartment burn down although he was most upset about his motorcycle “exploding” in the fire.

  7. James McLean

    sounds like a good opportunity for ministry, a lot of people in need.

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