Boys vs. Girls: Taboo


Last night we had Jen’s parents & her brother and his wife over for dinner and a mean game of Taboo. I don’t know if you play Taboo or not but you learn a lot about people playing this game. For instance, we found out that the one person that we thought would never get it, Rick, was insane as the “card reader”; slow and steady, we could always count on him for at least 2 points. Melissa thinks that the LOUDER YOU GUESS THE CLOSER TO THE WORD YOU WILL GET! Jen likes to buzz you for absolutely no reason and throw off your mojo. Karen got increasingly better at reading, but have you ever heard of putting “bubble gum” on your bedpost? Kevin and Alex had a mind-meld going on, and pretty much could just psychically send any word we chose to each other. Miles just wanted to stay awake as long as possible.

Here’s the results, as if we needed proof:

4 thoughts on “Boys vs. Girls: Taboo

  1. Worship City

    I’m with Melissa. The louder you guess the more close to becoming correct you get!

    We found out at a family vacation that playing it with our Gram (who’s from Puerto Rico) is the most hilarious time you could ever have. We’d tried a million games but this one takes the cake. Even though I can’t remember a time of her actually “living” there the language barrier is still there sometimes and especially in moments of high yelling and buzzing 🙂

  2. Chris

    Hey man – the comments don’t seem to be connected to the posts. I’m trying to leave a comment on your last worship confessional but instead it takes me to the comment page for this post!

  3. James McLean

    I like when it says..”the Lord lifts the burdens of those bent beneath their loads”. He is giving us a quality of life, eternal life, like no other. After all “every man dies..not every man truly lives.”

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