Blogs I'm Reading & Link Love

Blogs I’m Reading

Here’s some new (to me) blogs & some not so new (to me) blogs that I’m reading. If you’re like me and just like to get fresh, new perspective, spend some time checking ’em out – it’ll be worth it.

  1. Ben Arment (History in the Making). He’s ‘the Experience & Innovation Director at Catalyst in Atlanta and founder of The Whiteboard Sessions’. My brother got to go to WIBO, I got to go via video – very cool. I’m WISHING I could go to Catalyst, but alas we are broke and Atlanta is too far to drive too. A couple great recent posts are, ‘Empowering Leaders‘ and ‘Default Church Factor‘. (I think Ben may be a TypePad user, pray for him).
  2. Matt Singley (Leading with a Limp). Matt’s got a witty and fun style of writing that’s engaging. So far I’ve noticed that his blog is a cornucopia (how’s that for a great word?) of writings on all sorts of subjects. I’m really enjoying his ‘Dirty Church Secret’s‘ posts, but this in no way defines the blog. Matt is also a recovering TypePad user who has been enlightened to WordPress.
  3. Tim Schraeder (Cre8vE [creative] Chaos). My brother clued me in on this one. Tim is ‘ the Director of Communications at Park Community Church in Chicago, Illinois’. Tim’s blog is also very witty and deals with a wide variety of issues, a lot of church, communications stuff. I like it. I especially enjoyed his ‘Death of the Weekly Bulletin/Program/Newsletter‘ post, I am very jealous. Oh yeah, and give the guy a break, he’s using TypePad too…
  4. Brad Ruggles. Not sure how I found this guy, but I like his blog. He describes himself like this: ‘I’m passionate about the Church, its influence on culture, and making it better. I’m constantly challenging the process – examining what I do, why I do it and its relevance in today’s progressive culture’. I think his blog is a lot like mine because Brad writes about whatever is on his mind/heart. Church stuff, family stuff, music stuff, computer stuff, life stuff, whatever. I really enjoyed this post, it challenged me. And I loved this post because it reminded me of my days as a youth pastor.
  5. Vince Marrote (Nikao). I’ve know Vinnie for about 5 or so years now. Served together with him at LifeChurch for a season and we’ve stayed connected since then. Our kids played on the same soccer team, and every time we get together we have a blast. Vince is a guy with tons of integrity, ingenuity, and creativity. His blog reflects all that. It’s so cool to have friends who blog, and then you can go grab a cup o’ joe with and have some real conversation with. Also, big props to Vince for helping pull off ONE VOICE!

Link Love

Ah the old Link Love section. This is where I shamelessly promote community within the blogging world. Folks, this is all about community. The more you share, the more you see. The more you give, the more you get. How do I find new friends, new ideas, contrary ideas, mind-blowing content? From good people like you who have excellent links to share! So I say today… Link and Link alike!

If you read this blog, put a link on your blog. If you are reading this blog, then drop me your link and I’ll link you up. That’s how it works.

I’m also going to try something today. I’m jumping on the Mr. Linky bandwagon. Here’s how this is going to work (I think). Maybe you’ve found some great blogs that we don’t know about. Let’s share! So maybe you’ve written a post like this, or maybe you will write one like this. Here’s the thing – it has to contain links to blogs other than your own. I don’t really care what the blogs deal with – if you’ve enjoyed them, share em!

So, punch in your info, then link that post to this post and let’s link away.

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  2. Todd Ruth

    Great post and great point. I will be posting your link on my site.

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  3. Chris Stout

    Well since you got me blogging, your link love is what has provided me some traffic! Anyway, you’re linked as always. Everyone else, I just had to move my blog and lost all my blogroll…come on by an link love too! 🙂

    Chris Stouts last blog post..Weekend Re-Wind

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