Blogger Intro: Melissa Vanderburg

Here’s a relatively new blogger who is enjoying the heck out blogging! I spent an evening last week with her and her husband giving them an introduction to blogging – I dumped a ton of info on them, but they seemed to handle it well.

They have a cool story, too long to share here, but one of the coolest thing about them right now is that they are in the process of trying to adopt from the Ukraine. I don’t really know how much detail is allowed to be shared, but I do know that they are trying to make a difference in the lives of children who would otherwise grow up without families. I think that is quite a calling, and we’re praying for them.

I also introduced them to a couple bloggers who have adopted or are trying to adopt right now (pete & carlos). I’m sure they’d love to hear from anyone else who knows more about this process; just to know they’re not alone, let ’em know you’re praying with them.

So go on over to Melissa’s Blog and make a new friend, show her some blog love, and follow their journey.

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