Blog Sessions – Got Ideas?

I’ve been getting more and more questions about blogging each week – mainly from people in our church. So being the amazing blog guru that I am (hear the sarcasm?), I think I’m going to try an organize a once a month (or something like that) blog session. My ultimate dream would be that the session would be more of a community resource, but it will probably start with mainly church people.

Here’s some ideas for sessions running through my head:

  • What is a Blog? How do I start one? Blogs & Self Hosted Blogs.
  • Themes & Design.
  • Using Photos & Videos on your blog.
  • Using Plugins & Widgets on your blog.
  • Networking, Blogroll (geez I hate that word), Commenting, Blog Etiquette.
  • RSS Basics, Feedburner, Google Reader, Stats, Etc.

That’s all I’ve really thought of so far (that’s like 6 months worth of sessions!). What would you add to that list? What have I left out? What would you want covered in a blog session? Would you go to something like this?

5 thoughts on “Blog Sessions – Got Ideas?

  1. alex

    Billy – yeah pro blogger is a great resource – I’ve learned tons over there. The complaint that I hear most is that a lot of people just aren’t literate enough to follow online tutorials, they need to see it in action.

    James – yup, I’m thinking that the whole community thing should be one of the first sessions.

  2. Amie

    Ok, I know we have chatted about it…but on blog record… a class for those of us that started blogging on the vanilla .com wordpress… that want to turn it into a site that can do more than just post wordpress blog entries.. I want the bling…

    Thats if Blog Bling! Like CommentLuv, the best bling in the blog biz.. ok I’ll stop now.

    Amies last blog post..Slam Saturday

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