Blog Bottleneck

Sorry about not posting much lately. It’s not from a lack of thoughts, happening, and ideas. It’s just that life has bottlenecked my ability to blog. That picture is pretty much how I’m feeling right now – there’s a lot happening and a lot to blog about, but my capacity is low right now… Here’s just some quick thoughts for the day:

  • I love my wife more and more every day and missed her so much when I was…
  • At a staff retreat in Big Bear the past 3 days.
  • Had a great ‘discussion’ with our staff about Salvation – more on that later.
  • Had another great ‘discussion’ on eschatology with some staff, something that’s been on my heart and mind over the past year because…
  • I beginning to believe that your eschatology will define your ministry values – more on that later
  • Both my kids got haircuts when I was gone. Miles’ ears grew! Photos coming.
  • I need to explain to people that I’m not ‘always on Facebook’ – I just have everything linked together so that it shows up in Facebook.
  • I’m committed to wrapping up studying “women in the church” before I study more on eschatology and salvation, but they all are very exciting and important to me NOW.
  • Even though I’m not writing as much, I’m trying to keep up on reading via Google Reader.
  • I really like Death Cab for Cutie, Travis, and Frou Frou right now.
  • I’m listening to “Hello Love” by Chris Tomlin, finally – thanks Eric.
  • My thought for today (not that I have a ‘thought for today’ every day) was: Attempt something impossible next year. I have an idea what that means, but will be praying.

Thanks for reading!

9 thoughts on “Blog Bottleneck

  1. Vince

    i love me some eschatology, and it does define your ministry in a HUGE way. Probably the biggest reason American theology is so safe.

  2. Peter

    I totally agree with Vince. We've also made it more marketable…. what does that tell you?
    At least you haven't gone on the month and half hiatus like me! What was that about?
    I'll be praying with you….. you've put a challenge on me, and it does seem quite “Impossible”.

  3. James McLean

    yeah i am interested to hear how that eschatology works out for you.
    i kind of roll like this, Jesus is coming back someday, we better be ready.

  4. bobby

    I'm with ya. Plenty to blog about, no time/energy to blog. But i'm falling behind on writing AND reading!

    And I'm with James on eschatology. Not sure how important it really is to daily ministry. Jesus will come back. So live like it could be tomorrow. Or as a reformed friend told me years ago in the whole pretrib/posttrib debate – live for post, pray for pre!

  5. bobby

    Oops. That reply to Rich was supposed to be a comment. Not used to the whole disqus thang. I still vote for comment luv.

  6. betterthanblank

    yeah bobby, I'm feelin' ya on the comment luv – but I'm giving disqus a run for a while. And I'll be blogging on the eschatology ideas soon – but just quickly: in my head I'm thinking that what you believe about how & when Christ returns, the world ends, etc. will form what you value today. For example – if you believe God will destroy the earth completely (with fire or nuclear war), than what is the point of 'saving the planet' or 'being green'… conversely – if you think that the stories are not literal, and were more written for the 70 BC church dealing with Romans, well, then that changes things a little… interesting things for me to wrestle with.

  7. jordan fowler

    As a guy who shifted from hard core dispensationalist, to after a NT eschatology emphasis in my Masters, an amillenialist I would agree. But no theology is irrelevant. In fact when Corinth is in a mess, Paul doesn't give them how-to's but theology.

    As to the bottleneck issue, just pray and God will allow you to get the flu like me and then you can go back and comment on everyone's blog you haven't had time to in a while…ala me.

  8. betterthanblank

    Jordan – good to see you here. And hopefully you and people like you & all my blogging friends will be a huge help as I head down this road…

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