Birthday at the Beach

Jen surprised me on Sunday night by taking me down to San Elijo for a great evening at the beach. I love the beach, everything about it. We tent camped, just me and Jen – it was a blast. First we got down there and set everything up, which took about 20 minutes, nice!

That’s our site, nice and simple. A tent, 2 chairs, some firewood – what else do you need?

After we were all setup we took a nice little walk on the beach – here’s some pictures.



Then it was off to BestaWan Pizza for dinner. Awesome Pizza, Beer & Salad.


After dinner we went back to the camp and started a little campfire:

The next morning we walked back into town for Breakfast at our favorite spot, Pipes.


I thought Rich might have come to crash our party for a second…


Then it was back to the beach to watch the surf school, all the tourists taking lessons. It was an amazing day.




A day to remember, thanks Jen!

6 thoughts on “Birthday at the Beach

  1. Jen White

    Looks wonderful to me Alex, you gotta appreciate a spouse who truly has a grip on your heart!

    Happy Birthday.

  2. Auntie Em

    Sorry I was sick and couldnt help out, Im glad you still got to go, and had such a good time, Who watched the kids?

  3. Mike

    we will be down there in July camping, gotta go to Pipes at least twice during that trip.

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