bill cornelius 

Bill Cornelius is a Pastor in Texas. He’s on my list of people I’d like to meet (still working on that post). I like things that make sense, I’m kind of a common sense guy. Bill writes things that make sense, so I read his blog, you should too. But if you don’t, here’s a couple of my latest favorite posts:

5 Things to Consider when Hiring (you might want to check out Craig Groeschel’s post on Picking People too)

3 Ways to Create a Culture of Excellence

How to Create a Culture of Excellence in You & Part 2

How to Rest (you might want to read this and this t00)

Some really powerful stuff over there. Thanks Bill!

Designer. Communicator. Solutions Architect. Husband. Father of 4. Friend of God. I've dabbled in building, graphic design, worship, music, media, communications, connections, leadership, and now I'm an executive pastor at Rancho Community Church in Southern California.

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