Big. Giant. Banners.

Our Church and School is getting ready to break ground on an athletic field on our property. Pretty exciting stuff like this needs to be celebrated and communicated in big and impacting ways. Thus: Big, giant banners.

These are 8′ x 12′ banners put end to end to make up the original 8′ x 36′ image. We did for a couple reasons. One, it just looks cool. Two, and more practical, we needed to be able to transport the sign, and three skids make that possible.

For anyone who is thinking of doing something like this here’s some bullet points:

  • Created in Photoshop (Illustrator would work just as well)
  • image
  • Created a file size that is 1/3 the print size (so it’s 32″ x 144″ at 300 dpi, CMYK – and yes, the file is over 1 Gig)
  • Once it was approved, I flattened the file and saved it as a .tiff (still over 1G), then archived it (zipped) and it was about 130Mb
  • Sent it off the printer with instructions to print three 96″ x 144″ banners with grommets.
  • Worked like a charm.

Some may ask, “Why big, giant banners?”

To that I say, “Great question”. When you see it in person, you get it. Our campus is extremely large, dozens of acres, I don’t even know. What we are doing, building a field, is something that a lot of people won’t “get” until it’s built. It’s hard to see something that doesn’t exist. So it’s my job to help amplify the vision of the project so that as many people as possible will “get” it, earlier rather than later. Big, giant banners scream to the community “this is for real”, “we are really doing this”, and for those who want, “you can be a part of making history” (we’re holding a fundraising auction for this project). This, in conjunction with press releases, printed media, announcements, etc, is just another way to let as many people as possible know what’s going on on our campus and continue to build excitement. Lastly, we’re holding a groundbreaking ceremony this week where our entire school and staff will be on hand for an historic photo with, you got it, the big, giant banners; they will frame shot, and forever tell a story.

PS – anyone looking for a local (Temecula, Ca) banner shop, I use Dave and Chris – both great guys, great companies, good prices and fun to work with.