Better than Housekeeping

I’m really loving this blog. Loving all the people I’m connecting with. Loving having an outlet. Loving sharing. Loving learning. Today I added a bunch more links to my blogroll and didn’t like the way it was cluttering up everything, so I did a little housekeeping. Now we have, at the top right:


      • My Google Reader shares: these are articles from my subscriptions from other sites that I really like
      • Blogs: these are just miscellaneous blogs that I read now and again
      • Blogs by Pastors: these are blogs run by pastors (obvious)
      • Blogs by Worship Leaders: these are blogs run by worship leaders
      • Churches: these are churches that I either have a personal connection to, or am interested in keeping tabs on.
      • Links: links to things, people, places I like
      • Read Daily: my favorite blogs
      • Video Confessors: these are people who are doing video confessions of their ministries

    So, I might have got a couple in the wrong category or something – just shoot me a comment and I will fix it.

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