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Life has been happening so fast that I failed to blog about Miles’ 5 year old birthday. It was on the 18th. We went to the pizza place down the street and he had a handful of little friends, along with their parents there. He is so blessed because his grandparents and aunts & uncles live real close (except “Uncle James” who lives in Virginia). There’s one thing about Miles; he is loved. Anyway, he had a great time with all his friends and family, eating pizza, playing video games, opening tons of presents, and eating cake.

He has a new fixation with Transformers, and no, he hasn’t seen the movie yet). But he got about 10 or so new Transformers for his birthday, he was stoked to say the least. So that night, I spent about 2 hours removing them from their packaging, and learning (actually, re-learning) how to transform them. Let’s just say mommy and daddy are sick of Transformers now… although I covet the time that I get to spend with my little boy, knowing that someday soon I won’t be his #1 choice person to hang out with. But for now we are best buds and I’ll take all I can get.

So it seems like everybody’s bragging about their kids (here, here, here, here, here, here, here, uh you get the point). So here’s a proud dad on Miles:
Miles is a special little boy – he always has been. He’s the first grandkid, so he gets doded on by both families. He’s always been a happy boy, even as a baby. He was hard, very active, but always happy. His smile melts hearts, his eyes are deep and intense (like his mom’s). People love him, and he attracts people to him. He is so smart, his personality is so outgoing and caring. He loves his sister. He loves God, he loves to sing, to watch mommy or daddy at worship practice. He loves church, and helps daddy tear down each and every Sunday (his choice). He swims like a fish, and eats like a bird. He draws about 20 pictures a day, he probably runs 10 miles a day. He loves his spiky hair, and wants to be just like daddy (that’s scary).

miles 5
Jen and I love him so much and we pray with him and for him every night. My biggest prayer is that he would allow God to make him all that He has planned for him – he’s got all the potential in the world, and I know God has something very special for his life.

Happy Birthday Miles! You are loved!

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