Bands I Learned How to Play Drums from: 3

This is a little thread that I like to come back to now and again. It’s good to revisit the past, remember where things began from. Here’s part 1, and part 2.

So I’ve been playing drums on and off for about 17 years now. Wow, that makes me sound old. One of the bands that really inspired me drumming wise was Crash Test Dummies. I know, most people can’t take them seriously – I do. Behind the tongue & cheek lyrics, and deep comical vocals, and awesome long hair, there’s some powerful melodies and groove to this band. The thing that I love about them so much and why they inspired my drumming style so much is their tightness as a band. Drums and bass are on deck. It really helps to listen to these guys in headphones, then you can really hear the nuances of the ghosting on the snare, the quick bass runs, and just great production.

Another thing that I really like about this band is their ability to have a lot of parts, instruments, melodies, harmonies, sounds, and each one fits within the song. I like to tell worship people to listen to this band to learn about simplicity and playing just a part to make up a whole sound for a song. Theses guys (& gals) are masters at this (check out how many people are on stage on the live videos).

Oh yeah, and they’re Canadian!

I know, they’re kind of one of those college groups that had a couple top 40 hits – but dig deeper, I think you’ll like em. Call me crazy. Here’s a couple samples for your listening pleasure:

In the Days of the Cavemen… LIVE! (check out the drum kit – awesome)

When I go out with Artists… LIVE!

From my FAVORITE MOVIE EVER (Dumb & Dumber)

Not sure what this video is, but the song has a great looping sound

This song has the greatest ending

Some great snare work on the fills here – nothing fancy, just cleaness…

And yes, I did not include their #1 hit “MMM MMM MMM”, sorry. Maybe you’ll enjoy this instead:

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