The 90’s wern’t kind to all of us. School of Fish is a prime example. I played this cassette until it wouldn’t play any longer, but I never actually saw these guys… until now. Wow.

But all kidding aside, I loved air drumming to these guys. Another great example of simple, straight ahead drumming – the kind I like. Lot’s of snare fills, nothing fancy. What’s funny is that they started as a duo who played to programmed drums & bass. All you band leaders out there are secretly thinking, “yes! if only I could program all my drums and bass!” and all you drummers and bassists out there are thinking, “why are band leaders so upset when I show up an hour late and forget my sticks, bass, or amp”. Anyway, If you ever get a chance to get thier albums, I highly recommend them (minus the dress & hair).

Interesting facts about the band. The two original members were Josh Clayton-Felt and Michael Ward. Josh died in 2000 of cancer, and Michael went on to play with the Wallflowers.

Read all about them here.

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  1. that is a killer track

  2. Ah, if only the ’80’s and early ’90’s could have been audio only.

    Karls last blog post..Guitar!!

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