Baby Update

For those who didn’t know, we’re expecting baby number three somewhere around August 12th!

Jen’s doing great, the kids are excited, and we just moved into a house with an extra bedroom to accommodate the little one. (note: try not to move with a pregnant wife).

So the picture to the left here is of the baby somewhere around 15 weeks – she’s got her little fist up next to her chin, if you can make that out. Pretty awesome!

Yesterday we went into Unique Ultrasound in Temecula for another 3D/4D look at the little baby. Side note: You can follow them on Twitter & Facebook – they get it.

It’s amazing what’s going on in there, the miracle of life, and how God is shaping and forming her little body right now.

Check out the video:

Number 3 from alex mclean on Vimeo.