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One of my new, favorite blogs posted an short today entitled “Baaa”, based on this post. Loved it. I usually can’t stand using old, outdated vernacular, or “christianese” terms, but this was an excellent post. Here’s the highlights, but you have to go read the entire post. Very thought provoking for pastors, or people in leadership in the church today. Here’s a little excerpt:

Shepherds were decidedly lower class. Many writers call them a “despised class.” Most were youngest sons or hirelings. (See Jesus’ comments on sheep, shepherds and hirelings in John 10.) They lived with their sheep, smelled like their sheep, defended their sheep from prey (physically) and their world revolved around their sheep. They knew their sheep by name.

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  1. Jenny

    Great blog! I just found came across it. I am new to the blog world and look forward to getting to know you better.

    Any blogging tips you wanna share?

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