Aviom is here!


Well our AVIOM gear showed up yesterday. Went over to Chris’ house to unpack it all – very cool. We got enough to run 16 channels into 7 units – a good start I think. 3 of the units are the control surfaces for rackmount versions which we are planning to hook up to wireless packs ASAP (we forgot to order them – imagine that!).

Today we went down to the school to rewire everything in preparation for using them. We pulled our Midas Venice 32 out of the mix and replaced it with our newly repaired (well, almost repaired…) Allen & Heath GL3300 40 channel board, yeah we’re still analog. We cleaned up the tech tabl, which was a complete mess of wires and power supplies, CD’s and DVD’s, pens and trash, even found a crunchy old donut (yummy).

We were able to get everything working again plus adding the AVIOM gear to the mix. This weekend we should be able to have 3 units controlling 3 stage mixes – we’ll have to wait on the in-ears for a bit. So hopefully all goes well. One step closer!

Check out the time-lapse:


10 thoughts on “Aviom is here!

  1. eric


    We’re actually using in-ears without the wireless system. Just go down to radio shack and pick up some high-end earbuds and an adapter and you’re good to go (actually, you should have 3 sets of Shure E-1s).

    Here’s what I’ve learned in the last few months… 16 channels seem like a lot, but you’d be surprised at how fast it goes, especially when you have different vocalists each weekend.

    We started off with the whole drum kit in the mix and realized that it takes up too much space. Sooo… we went to just the kick, snare and overhead. That leaves 13 channels…

    4 vocals
    2 keyboard
    2 a-guitars
    1 bass
    2 e-guitars
    2 lapel mics (can’t hear them with the ears in… and they’re great for communiation if you need them).

    I’d like to get two crowd mics in there somewhere because it sucks not being able to hear them respond. We’ll see…

    Also, might need to crank the send to the units. There are times when I’ve got my master control maxed out and I have to ask the sound guy to crank the send on specific instruments (or overall).

    It’s always good to spend some time teaching people how to use their controls. They’re so simple, but you’d be surprised how many people have trouble dialing them in.

    The biggest problem we have now with the in-ears is that our stage noise is so low that the drums overpower the house sound… They have to crank up the house speakers because they’re not aided by the floor wedges anymore… :0 Who would have thought??? (Remember Charlie Hall @ Horizon?)

    I’m stoked for you guys!!! And a little jealous! 😉

  2. bobby

    I’m jealous. I have a quote on some, but I’m still trying to sell the stinkin board on them Someday…

  3. Chris Stout

    Me too! Oh, I hope that it goes well! Steph says it’s a go for tomorrow afternoon. I just might need a ride home!

  4. jamesmclean

    dude you are sick with a power drill.

  5. Fred McKinnon

    Hey –
    Please post a blog on how you consolidate your overall band into 16 channels – I’m always interested to see what gets submixed .. for me, I usually submix my drums into one aux .. that consoliates about 8 channels on the board into ONE on the Aviom .. or two if the drummer insists on hearing himself in “stereo” in his cans.

  6. alex

    thanks for the input Erock and Fred – we’ll let you know how the mix goes over the next few weeks… I’m sure Chris will chime in as well.

  7. Chris

    Watch the TC! I’ll let you guys know…Just pray it doesn’t mess everyone up this weekend! LOL

  8. alex

    I’ve watched the time-lapse like 4 times now – it’s addicting!

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