Are we truly Innovative?

Or are we just doing something that kind of works? Are we really thinking outside the box to reach people with the life saving message of the Gospel? Or are we tied to traditions and culture that keep our church people happy?

These questions were launched this morning by a fellow blogger who wrote:

With both American church planters and missionaries, my observation has been that anything done out of tradition is not likely to reach the unchurched. Tradition is something established so that people can continue a meaningful experience. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. But we have to remember that the unchurched don’t attach value to things that they didn’t actually experience themselves.

What do You think?

2 thoughts on “Are we truly Innovative?

  1. mandy

    i don’t necessarily think the unchurched are gonna come to church because its modern and flashy, nor reject churches that are traditional. i think they will stick with a church if the church is meeting a need in their lives (unfortunately, yes, we live in a consumer world). the message should be the same whether coming from a culturally-relevant church or a traditional centuries-old church…
    do these unchurched realize their NEED to hear the message of Jesus Christ?
    are they looking for Eternal answers?…..
    are these answers given in a manner that the unchurched can relate to?
    i think some unchurched visitors may be drawn to a high-liturgy, strongly traditional church because it gives a sense of consistency and connectedness.
    i think other visitors may like a more “spontaneous” style of music and order of worship, because it feels authentic and real and in-the-moment…..
    luckily the Body of Christ is as varied as visitors, so hopefully the unchurched can find a congregation that speaks their language.

  2. jamesmclean

    good thoughts mandy.
    I don’t think tradition is a bad thing. Look at some of our American traditions, Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving. These are all things that we look forward to in our culture. The problem comes when tradition becomes our master instead of our servant.
    Tradition or innovation both exist to serve the purpose of connecting people to Jesus.
    I think that trying too hard to be innovative can become a tradition as well. Creativity and innovation should be done because God made us creative people and not just for creativity’s sake.

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